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UFU Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation 24th March 2014

As part of the UFUA continued campaign to advocate and campaign for justice for firefighters with occupational cancer, the UFUA has successfully registered the Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation trademark.

This project is part of the overall campaign to have occupational cancer and firefighting recognised so that all Australian firefighters can access their entitlements including medical assistance and compensation.

To date the Australian Parliament, and the Tasmanian, South Australian and Western Australian state governments have all introduced presumptive legislation recognising the same 12 occupational cancers.

This is an ongoing campaign to have all Australian firefighters, regardless of state or territory, to have the protections of presumptive legislation.

The UFUA's Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation will assist with that ongoing campaign.

If you would like more information please contact the national office at

Code 2 - Vol 28 No 10 7th March 2014
Newsletter from UFUQ.

Aviation Branch Newsletter Feb 2014 1st February 2014
Newsletter from UFUAV.

UFUVic Water Testing Vindication 7th March 2014
Bulletin from UFUVic.

Wordback 5/2013 23rd April 2013
Bulletin from UFUSA.

National Bulletin No:21 9th December 2013
New Climate Council bushfire report released today relies on UFUA research.

National Bulletin No:17 31st October 2013
WA Government declares commitment to presumptive legislation - new workers compensation laws expected in early 2013.

Newsletter October 201331st October 2013

Aviation Branch Newsletter 31 October 2013

  1. Gloves
  2. Divisional Consultative Meeting
  3. Heat Stress Testing
  4. Annual BCOM Meeting
  5. Items of interest


The MFB in Victoria is altering UFU Bulletins and distributing misinformation amongst our members. Censorship is alive and well in 2013.

ACTU media release
Fair Work Ombudsman investigation reveals widespread underpayment of vulnerable apprentices

National Bulletin No:16
The United Firefighters Union of Australia is once again at the forefront of progressive change with two key achievements this week. Presumptive Legislation is well on its way in W.A, while a Senate Inquiry takes up the UFUA call for interoperability of Fire services.

Newsletter September 2013
Read on to get all the latest from the Aviation Branch

Victorian Liberal MP spends over 40 minutes defending himself but will not act to defend firefighters
Sadly Presumptive Legislation has become a political football with the Victorian Liberal Government.

Cancer Protection
The West Australian Branch pays tribute regarding cancer protection for W.A firefighters

Victorian Branch Bulletin29.07.13
The Victorian Napthine Government passes the buck and shamefully ignores firefighters in their time of need.

The Queensland Branch fights on
As the Queensland Government try every trick in the book !
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