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Welcome to the United Firefighters Union of Australia, South Australia Branch News home page. Here you find news related to the National Agenda emanating from the South Australian Branch. All UFUA local branches form an integral part of the makeup of the UFUA. A vital link in the chain providing the best possible support for all Firefighters and our member base across Australia.

The UFUA now represents more than 13,000 firefighters across Australia in continued campaigns to achieve improved working conditions for the men and women who confront dangerous and often life-threatening situations in their daily work.

The Importance Of Unions

If I were a factory employee, a labourer on the railroad, or a wage earner of any sort, I would undoubtedly join the union of my trade.

If I were opposed to the policy of the union, I would join for no other reason than to help rectify that mistake.

If I took exception to a dishonest leader, I would join the union to help remove him.

In short, I believe in the union, and I believe that all men who benefit by the union, are morally bound to help to the extent of their power in the common interest advanced by the union.

Unions, whilst they consist of members, do not belong to the members, but rather, they hold in trust, something for those in the future.

United States President
Theodore Roosevelt

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Members’ attention is drawn to the following information concerning changes to the UFUA rules sought by Queensland Branch Administrator Gavin Marshall. These changes are intended …

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The Tasmanian Rockcliff Government has promised to add uterine cancer to the presumptive legislation for professional firefighters, increasing the number of cancers covered in Tasmania …


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