United Firefighters Union Of Australia


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Honour Roll

This Honour Roll for the United Firefighters Union of Australia stands as testimony to elected officials and contributors whose selfless dedication and meritorious actions to overcome adversity and challenges.

We rightly recognise their dedicated efforts that has forged the creation of world leading conditions which our members today enjoy.

Each and every person on this list rightly deserves our gratitude, respect and we thank you all.

Alan Connolly
Alex Shepherd
Arthur Capes
Barry Thomas
Barry Cole
Ben Franklin
Bill Webber
Bill Mitchell
Brendan Angwin
Brian Parsons
Bruce Smith
Danny Ward
David Lawrence
David Hamilton
Ern Tamme
Frank Churchill
Garry Cronin
Gary Rundle
Geoff Jones
George McLennan
Graeme Danby
Graeme Hartney
Gregory Whelan
Harry Mitchell
Ian Leaves
Ian Rampling
Ian Yates
Jack Sheridan
Jock Pollock
John Berry
John James
John Wellard
Keith Dumas
Keith Warfe
Ken Clinkaberry
Ken Brown
Kenneth Dyster
Kevin Hede
Kevin Vaughan
Kevin Francis Roderick
Laurie Drew
Len Hubbard
Leon Whittaker
Michael McGuinness
Murray Dent
Murray Jelleff
Norm Palmer
Peter Shanahan
Peter Lang
Robert Cochrane
Rodney Knowles
Ronald Rae
Ted Harrison
Tom Trotman
Tony Branchflower
Tony Scully
Wayne Carlson

George Butcher
Jack Beswick
Jim McNamara
James Parsonage
Jack Gillen
L.C. ‘Con’ Hurley
James Collins
Harry Evans
Claude McCarthy
Jim Lambert
Arthur Barber
Alf Robinson
Morrie Stolmack
Bill Turtle
Jack Simpson
Jack Pountney
Reg Brown
Rex Threlfo
Kevin Aurelius
Frank Bryce
Alf Emerson
Alec McMurtrie
Rob Anderson
Jim Bamford
Bob Tait
Chris Read
Jim Gillen
Darryl Snow
Matt Murray
T J Smith
Peggy Howes
Steve Masselos

Ronald Hanna
William Jamieson
Trevor Jones
Robert White
Michael Doyle
Paul Caica

Content to come

Vincent Males – 2016
Wayne Seabrook
Leon Dewhurst
Kevin Tomes

Content to come

Wayne Berry
Brett Baulman
Greg Northcott
Graeme Gallagher
Mate Peric
Steve Geerdink

2020 – Michael Farrell
2019 – Nigel Burnell
2018 – John Vaughan
2017 – Glen Barker
2013 – John Hancox
2013 – Ken Griggs