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UFUA Industrial Documents

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Redmond 20232023OHS, Redmond

28 September 2023

Files WA01 to WA13

Consultants: New Spins on Old Tricks

Active Shooter Assailant Terrorism Threat Assessments

Reading Smoke: Advanced ETCO2 Analysis

Behavioural Health Concerns Women in the Fire Service

Elevator Emergencies

Exterior Wall Fire Propagation

Incumbent Fitness Testing Handout

Incumbent Fitness Testing Considerations

Recruitment and Retention Through Diversity

Suicide Loss Handout 1

Suicide Loss Handout 2

Suicide Loss Handout 3

Suicide and Suicide Prevention in the Fire Service

Tears and Tiers: Transforming Response

Women in the Fire Service

Files WB01 to WB13

Building Your Peer Support Team

Evidence-Based Behavioural Health Treatment

Disaster Preparedness

Near Miss Investigation Overviews

CHF PUMP Failure

Response to Inhalation Injuries

Cardiovascular Health in the Fire Service

Cardiovascular Health – Modifiable Risks & CVD

Cardiovascular Health – Mortality Rates Firefighters

Files WC01 to WC12

Better Health Through Better Sleep

Science Based Recommendations for Reduced Risk

NFPA 1802 on the Fireground

First Net 

FDNY 9/11/2001 and Behavioural Health

IAFF Behavioural Health Resources You Need to Know

Fire Fighter Cancer – Where are We Today?

IAFF Partnerships and Collaborations 1

IAFF Partnerships and Collaborations 2

National Firefighter Register for Cancer

Marches Trauma Protocol

San Antonio Fire Department Mobile Integrated Healthcare

Overcoming Obstacles to Implementation

Overcoming Obstacles Handout

Importance of Emergency Medical Dispatch


Files WD02 to WD16

Presenting Data Using Your GIS Tool

Five Tips Fit To Thrive (F2T)

Cancer Research Fireground Fire House Community-Engaged

Cancer Research Fireground Fire House Heavy Metal Exposure

Cancer Research Fireground Fire House Contamination

San Antonio Fire EMS-MED 

Last Alarm: The Charleston 9

Tactical Drone Operations

Fire Behaviour Research Suppression

Fire Fighter Mental Wealth

Post Overdose Response Team

West Allis fire Dept MIH SUD Programming

Files WE01 to WE15

Predicting Incidents

Building a Robust EMS System

Primary Care in Disaster Response

Introduction to Just Culture

Female Fire Fighter Health

Women’s Firefighter Studies

Global Alliance – Cederberg

Global Alliance – la Torre Decon

Global Alliance – McConville

Global Alliance – Watson

NIOSH LODD Investigations

Overdue Transformation of Firefighter PPE

PPE: Performance and Limitations

High-Rise Fire Incidents

Files WF01 to WF14

IAFF Resources

Professional Fire Fighters Massachusetts Funeral Policy

Preparing for Line Of Duty Death

Canadian EMS Overview

Lithium-Ion Mobility Devices 

FDNY Rescue Operations

Fire Fighter Health & Wellness Standards Update

Firefighter Health & Wellness Update

Firefighter Health & Wellness Update NFPA1582 1580

Healthy-ish Eating for Fire Fighters

Utilizing Fire & Injury Data

Total Wellness Approach – Healthy In, Healthy Out

FDNY Engine Company Ops

2023ohs redmond
Fire Station Design DocumentsIndustrial

21 September 2023

MFB Design Guide

WBDG-Whole Building Design Guide

Fire Station Design Manual

US Dept Advisory Circular-09.10.2008


Current Firefighting AgreementsIndustrial

7 November 2022

ACT Agreement 2020

Airservices Agreement 2018

Broadspectrum SA Agreement 2019

Broadspectrum WA Agreement 2019

FRV Interim Agreement 2020

TFS Agreement 2019

WA Fire Service Agreement 2020