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UFU Queensland Branch election timeframe extended by Federal Court

The Federal Court has this week extended until 23 August 2022 the timeframe to allow time for the Fair Work Commission to make its decision on the proposed rule changes (include link to the article set out above) and for the Court Appointed Administrator to conduct elections for the UFU Queensland Branch. This has followed a decision by the General Manager of Fair Work Australia to hear from the UFUQ concerning rule changes proposed by the Administrator to assist the conduct of the elections. The basis of the decision by the General Manager of FWC was that he determined that the UFUQ has an interest in this matter insofar as the current rules (of the UFUA) explicitly define the UFUQ as an Associated Body (rule 2) and the alterations go to the relationship of the UFUA and Associated Bodies.

The General Manager of FWC has decided that:

  • The submission on behalf of the UFUQ be made by close of business Friday 8 July 2022.
  • The Administrator is to make any submissions he may wish to make in reply by close of business Friday 22 July 2022.