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20150715_113207The Tasmanian Government is ripping millions from the Tasmania Fire Service budget.

Ratepayers should be angry.  Millions of dollars of the fire levy are being diverted away from firefighting.  This money is collected to provide community fire protection!

The budget strain on the Tasmania Fire Service is already impacting on public safety; fewer fire trucks, vital resources in storage, not enough firefighters.

Tell your MP it’s not good enough.  Insurance may rebuild your houses, but only firefighters save lives and homes.

Visit the Tasmania Fire Crisis web-site http://www.tasmaniafirecrisis.com/ and send a letter to your MP http://www.tasmaniafirecrisis.com/get-involved/write-to-your-mps/

In 2012 the State Government tried to slash the budget and resources of the Tasmania Fire Service.  After public outcry, our Fire Crisis was resolved.  The government reversed its position.

Now they’re at it again.  And this time it’s even more serious.

The ‘new’ State government is pulling money from the Tasmania Fire Service to cover an ad hoc corporate restructure involving the Department of Police and Emergency Management (DPEM).

It might look good on a spreadsheet, but the reality poses a threat to every Tasmanian family.

When danger strikes, Tasmanians know that a fire truck will come when called.  Budget cuts mean fewer fire trucks.  Fewer fire trucks means longer delays in emergency response.

And every minute counts when lives and property are at risk.  The globally-agreed standard is that 8 minutes is the maximum time for firefighters to have the best change of rescuing people from fire, and for stopping a fire from spreading from the room of origin.

Send a simple, blunt message to your MPs:



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